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Using resources from inside .jar package.

When we pack all our java classes, libraries and resources in a single .jar in order to share our application, if our code has references to resources using absolute or relative paths to the files in our working directory like for example: ImageIcon image = new ImageIcon('/gui/images/logo.png');ImageIcon image = new ImageIcon('/gui/images/logo.png'); We won't be able […]

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Make ipw2200 works in BT5

I like to use an old laptop in which I've installed BT5. From being an useless thing inside a closet it has become a wonderful tool for me nowadays. Although I've a neat Alpha AWUS036H card,  it was reasonable that I wanted that its internal ipw2200bg card worked too. That is something that doesn't happen […]

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Working with Chromium in BT5

Post edited on Apr 28, 2013: I've found a much better solution for use Chromium in BT5 but I think it's fair to keep the original one for the record at the end of the post. So the following lines explain the new and much simpler solution: Install the package as usual: apt-get install chromium-browser […]

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