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Post edited on Apr 28, 2013:

I’ve found a much better solution for use Chromium in BT5 but I think it’s fair to keep the original one for the record at the end of the post. So the following lines explain the new and much simpler solution:

Install the package as usual:

apt-get install chromium-browser

And now the only thing we have to do is to change the way this program is launched from the menu. So go to System >> Preferences >> Main Menu , find the “Chromium Web Browser” inside the “Internet” menu and click on “Properties”. You should see the following:


Change the original command “/usr/bin/chromium-browser %U” for this one:

/usr/bin/chromium-browser %U –user-data-dir



Close  and we’re done.

Enjoy :)


Original post:

For those like me that love this lightweight browser :)

When you install chromium-browser using apt from current backtrack repositories and you try to launch it, that’s what happens:

Chromium root error
 Pretty clear, isn’t it? It can’t be run as root, and that’s our Backtrack’s user!

One solution I found to be able to use chromium is to download some older version that allows us to run it as root. You can get it from the link below.

chrome32.tar.gz (195 downloads)

Once downloaded you should do the following:

Uninstall your current chromium version (if you haven’t already done this):

apt-get remove chromium-browser

Decompress and extract the packages:

tar xvfz chrome32.tar.gz

Run installation script (it just launch apt in a proper way to resolve dependencies):


And that’s it, now you can enjoy this browser!

One last thing which is very important is to tell the system not to update this packages whenever we update or upgrade our Backtrack because, if we don’t do this, we’ll lose our chromium if we accept the update.

The way I like to do this:

echo “package_name hold” | dpkg –set-selections

The way to undo this:

echo “package_name install” | dpkg –set-selections

In our chromium case we have four packages that we want hold, so we have four lines to execute:

echo “chromium-browser hold” | dpkg –set-selections

echo “chromium-browser-inspector hold” | dpkg –set-selections

echo “chromium-browser-l10n hold” | dpkg –set-selections

echo “chromium-codecs-ffmpeg hold” | dpkg –set-selections

And now we’re done.



  • ykk
    September 18, 2012

    You can also just edit the /path/to/chromium-browser file with hexedit and change the “geteuid” string to “getppid” and voila! Chrome with root priv.

    hexedit /you/path/to/chromium-browser
    ctrl-s for “geteuid”
    replace with “getppid”
    ctrl-x to save and exit
    re-open your browser

    • Samuel
      September 23, 2012

      As I mentioned in the post this is just one solution to the problem (I posted it one year ago). The solution you suggest is very clever and it allows us to use the latest chromium version of the repository. If new version arrives you’ll have to do the same process to allow root execution again. If you want to avoid this, you can keep the modified version (the last part of the post). BTW the chromium executable path in BT5 is /usr/lib/chromium-browser/chromium-browser . Thank you for the reply :)

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